photoIf you spend most of your day sitting at a desk, getting up and moving around from time to time not only relieves the tedium, it could extend your life.  That's the conclusion of a report from the American College of Cardiologists that declares too much sitting is as harmful as smoking cigarettes.

The research shows that prolonged periods of sitting increases the risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer and early death.

Cardiologists say your body doesn't burn as many calories when you are seated. Your body goes into storage mode and stops working at peak efficiency. Standing up, even if you aren't moving about, helps.  Standing desks, like the one shown at right, at increasingly popular among the desk and cubicle crowd.

It's no secret that the rise in obesity has coincided with more sedentary jobs, prompting some workplaces to offer on-site health sites where workers on break can exercise.

Still others have begun offering stand-up workstations, that sit astride a slow moving treadmill. A worker standing at their desk can slowly walk several miles during an average workday.

The video news report below shows how it works.