One of the latest email scams claims to be from none other than the FBI, according to the Oregon Department of Justice, which says it has received numerous complaints.  So far, we've seen no alerts from the U.S. Department of Justice or the FBI.

The fake email(image below) claims to be from the FBI and requests $350 from the recipient to obtain a “Clearance Certificate.” The email threatens to send an agent to the recipient’s home for questioning, and/or other legal sanctions if they fail to contact the Department of Homeland Security within 24 hours in order to obtain their “Clearance Certificate.”

The email also lists contact information for the FBI in WashingtonD.C., and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission in Lagos, Nigeria.

What to do 

Do not respond to these emails. They are being sent by scam artists to a large number of people with the intent of obtaining personal or financial information.

Fake email solicitations – also commonly known as Nigerian email scams – are among the most common scams reported

To avoid the FBI email scam, Oregon Attorney General John Kroger offers the following advice:

  • Be wary of unsolicited emails.

  • A government agency will never request your contact information, Social Security Number, banking information, or credit card numbers in an email.

  • A government agency does not threaten people with legal action such as investigation, jail, or prosecution for failure to respond to an email solicitation. 

  • Consider any email solicitation that lists multiple offices as a red flag.