Mike, of Seabrook, Tex., said he had his Toro lawn mower less than a year when it stopped working. With two months left on the manufacturers warranty, he thought getting it repaired would be no problem.

"Toro will not repair the mower because they cannot warranty a product that uses gasoline with ethanol as an additive," Mike told ConsumerAffairs.com.

We did some checking and some engine manufacturers do indeed have an issue with ethanol, but from what we can see they void warranties if the gasoline has a greater than 10 percent ethanol content. Mike correctly points out that all gasoline you buy at the pump now has 10 percent ethanol. We assume Mike didn't purposefully add ethanol to the 90 percent blend gas he bought, so we wonder if some gasoline distributors are adding a bit more alcohol, or if Toro's measurements are off.

The larger issue may arise if Congress approves legislation to increase the ethanol content in all gasoline to 15 percent. What will engine manufacturers do then?

A little too eager

It seems that no sooner do you subscribe to a magazine than the magazine starts sending you monthly appeals to renew early. Some membership organizations do it too, and at least one consumer finds it confusing.

"Rather than a standard magazine renewal notice, which provides your expiration date and maybe a customer number, AARP sends out what looks like 'membership' cards with every renewal letter," Fran, of Santa Barbara, Calif., said. "They do bear a date and a number, but the tiny print says 'reply by' next to the date, and 'authorization code' next to the number. Nowhere on the mailing does the actual expiration date or the member's real membership number appear.

As a result, Fran says it's easy to pay several times for your membership.

If you can't stand the heat...

We've had plenty of complaints about tempered glass baking dishes shattering while in, or right after being removed from a hot oven. But apparently some of these products can't stand the heat of another kitchen appliance.

"My Anchor Hocking one-quart. measuring cup exploded in the dishwasher," Vicki, of Jamestown, R.I., told ConsumerAffairs.com. "I never use the hot dry cycle on my dishwasher, and the cup was room temperature when it went in to the dishwasher. There should have been no reason for this."

These days, all kinds of tempered glass, even glass tabletop, appear to be vulnerable to temperature changes.

Warning sign?

There can be many reasons you are declined when you apply for credit. Leticia of Somerville, Mass., said her credit score is good to excellent with no blemishes in the past 10 years. So she was miffed when Capital One denied her application for a credit card.

"The letter from Capital One stated it was due to past delinquent payments," Leticia said. "I have none. In fact, I use to have a Capital One auto loan in which I paid it off early! I still have no idea why I was denied."

Leticia needs to go to www.annualcreditreport.com immediately and download copies of her credit report. If she has no late payments but Capital One is seeing that in her credit history, it's possible she has unknowingly become a victim of identity theft. Someone could be using her identity to open credit accounts and run up unpaid bills.

It's also possible there is incorrect information in one of her credit reports. By checking it out online, she will know for sure.