We’ve all got to get a lot smarter these days just to keep up with the everyday gadgets in our lives. It already takes a certain amount of skill to handle a smart phone, drive a smart car, or even watch streaming video over the Internet on a smart TV.

Can you just imagine the brain power it’s going to take to live in smart home?

Living smart

Well, start taking classes now folks because GE is hoping to transform the way we live with its new smart house that includes a wind turbine, an electrical vehicle charging station, and a variety of technologies designed to help you reduce your health and energy-related costs.

David McCalpin is general manager for Home Energy Management in GE’s Appliances & Lighting department. He says consumers are expecting near real-time information to inform household decisions. He says GE will provide this with its Nucleus energy manager with something called Brillion technology, to the digital-energy technology that will enable an energy transformation to make peoples’ lives easier.

Energy management

This includes GE’s smart meter technology which enables two-way communication between the electric utility and the customer via smart devices in the home, letting consumers manage their energy use and utilities to manage demand.

With smart meters in place, utilities will have the option to charge different rates for electricity throughout the day, with lower prices when energy demand is lowest during off-peak.

The smart home will be filled with appliances enabled with Brillion technology, which allows the appliances to automatically react to utility price signals from the smart meter and delay or reduce the wattage consumed by the appliance until lower-cost, off-peak periods.

GE Profile appliances outfitted with Brillion technology will include ENERGY STAR-qualified refrigerators, dishwashers, clothes washers, and the new GeoSpring™ hybrid water heater, as well as ranges, microwaves and clothes dryers.

The lights in the smart house are LEDs and have a life expectancy of 22 years -- just a bit longer than what most of are used to.

Then there’s the advanced Small Wind Turbine that could provide up to 80 percent of the homes energy requirements.  This turbine will be available in March.

As for innovations in healthcare, the smart home will give consumers tools to manage their health remotely and increase their independence. How it will do that was not spelled out, but  more information on the smart home is available here