For the past couple of years, it was enough just to have a job. But now a new survey shows an overwhelming 98 percent American workers who are employed are actually dissatisfied with their  jobs and plan to seek new opportunities this year.

The job site recently asked job seekers about their plans for 2011 and found that an only 2 percent of American workers polled indicated they are completely satisfied with their current positions and salaries.

Charles Purdy, career-advice expert, says that as the economy starts to get back on its feet, workers are looking for positions that inspire them and challenge them to rise to the occasion. At the same time,  employers are increasingly looking to hire the best people and not just someone who is good enough.

What they're thinking

The new Monster-HotJobs survey also shed additional insight into the mindset of job seekers who -- by and large -- are optimistic about the economic conditions for job opportunities and growth. They also appear to be infused with a newfound passion for their career instead of just sticking with the status quo.

Here’s what the survey found:

  • 61 percent said work would be more of a priority in 2011 than in 2010
  • Topping 66 percent of job seekers’ career wish lists for 2011 was a new job with a new employer
  • 15 percent were hoping for a raise or promotion at their current employer
  • 17 percent were hoping to become self-employed
  • only 2 percent were happy with the status quo
  • 42 percent were hopeful and expected job or employment conditions to improve