today launched an expanded and re-branded version of Isertive, its reputation management service for businesses and institutions, the most advanced and far-reaching program of its kind on the Web.

“Most businesses know us as a review or complaint site, but in fact we are an invaluable source of customer feedback and outreach, enabling businesses to spot issues in their customer service and quality control processes while publicly displaying their commitment to customer satisfaction,” said Zac Carman, CEO of

“Consumers use peer review sites like ours to research products; what other consumers have to say is part of that equation, but equally important is how companies engage with those customers,” Carman said. “The new Reputation Management program provides a public platform in which companies can demonstrate their brand promise and commitment to customers.”

First launched in late 2009, the Reputation Management product alerts businesses as soon as consumer comments are received and processed by Companies receive a copy of the complaint or review and are able to respond directly to the consumer to gather additional information and, if needed, to resolve an issue on the spot.

Companies' responses are published to along-side each consumer comment, providing timely and highly-visible evidence of their efforts to resolve the problem or explain the circumstances surrounding it.

Upscale appliance manufacturer Fisher & Paykel has used Reputation Manager as an effective way to reach out to unhappy customers and respond to their complaints – publicly, so that everyone can see the company's attempt to right whatever wrong is alleged.

“With digital mediums increasing exponentially as a form of communication it is vital that we engage with our customers in this forum. Fisher & Paykel Appliances has been active in this arena for some time and the website provides another means by which we can be in touch with our consumers and resolve their issue,”: saidNick Capener,VP – Customer Service & Logistics. “At the same time this enables us to improve our processes to prevent other consumers facing the same challenge.”

“Businesses sometimes feel that not every review or complaint is valid. A reasoned explanation of the company's side of the story – while it may not satisfy the consumer – demonstrates to readers who are researching products that there are two sides to the story,” Carman said.

Consumer researchers (When Customer Love Turns Into Lasting Hatred: Grégoire et al, Journal of Marketing, Vol. 73, November 2009) ) have found that consumers who complain on the Internet are, in most cases, already so angry that it is too late for businesses to repair the damage that has been done to their relationship. However, for every consumer who submits a complaint to a Web site, there are tens of thousands of others reading those comments as they make crucial buying decisions, Carman said.

“Consumer review and complaint sites are a fact of life,” Carman said. “When was launched in 1998, it helped to pioneer the right of consumers to speak up, to compare notes, and to offer complaints and commendations to a wide audience. And, based on the feedback we’ve gotten, companies have realized this is an interactive process –each comment represents an opportunity for brands to demonstrate their commitment to customers.”

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