Netgear, a company best known for making equipment to connect computers, is jumping into the area of connecting computers and television sets.

Netgear has just introduced a new category of wireless router that will enable you to watch Internet-based programming on your TV, with no wires. The new product is actually four new products, known collectively as the ReadyNAS Ultra Series.

The ReadyNAS Ultra Plus series is designed to transform home media networks, delivering media content to local or remote handhelds, desktops and game consoles. TiVo users may use the ReadyNAS Ultra Plus to expand their DVR capacity.

The system also shifts movies and music onto DLNA networked screens. Remote file access is now available for iPhone users with the new ReadyNAS Remote iPhone App.

Company officials note that many new, Internet-ready TV sets come with an Ethernet port. This product, they say, is a natural way to help consumers be part of this emerging trend. 

"The explosion of digital content has resulted in large personal media collections that are often unmanaged and scattered," said Norm Bogen, industry analyst at In-Stat. "As media collections grow, so has the demand for home media servers. Consumers want simplicity and flexibility."

Netgear says its 3DHD Wireless Home Theater Networking Kit can stream 1080p high-definition video throughout the home. If you have a large home or outbuildings on your property, you can boost the signal to reach those areas using hubs.

The equipment will go on sale later this month as prices starting at $400.

The concept of convergence between the Internet and television got another boost in October when Google introduced Google TV.  Sony followed up the announcement by introducing a line of sets, specifically designed for watching content through Google.