When skeptics talk about 3D television, they inevitably get around to the requirement posed by those silly glasses. Who, they ask, wants to sit in their living room wearing special glasses, just so they can watch TV in 3D?

Toshiba says it has an answer, announcing that it will introduce a small screen 3D TV that viewers can watch, getting the full 3D effect, without wearing 3D glasses. The 12- and 20-inch sets will hit the market in December in Japan, though Toshiba did not say when they would be available in the U.S.

The initial price for the Glasses-less 3D REGZA GL1 will start at about 120,000 yen, with is roughly $1,400. The 20-inch model will cost about twice as much.

While Toshiba may have gotten rid of the glasses problem, technology blogger Jared Newman, of PC World, suggests consumers not get too excited. He notes that viewers must sit directly in front of the screen in order to get the 3D effect. That can limit how many people you invite over to watch the big game. And its a pretty hefty price tag, he points out, for such a small TV.

Toshiba, meanwhile, says "the new Glasses-less 3D REGZA GL1 series employ an integral imaging system and perpendicular lenticular sheet that can display natural and smooth high quality 3D images."

The company says the integral imaging systems is based on the principal of sampling and collecting form several directions the light reflected from an object, and then faithfully reproducing the light through the display to realize smooth, natural images. Until now, Toshiba says, conventional 3D technology without glasses has produced a fall off in image resolution and increased blurring that has prevented practical use.

Toshiba said it employs an LED backlit LCD panel specially designed for 3D content that systematically aligns pixels, and has also adopted a perpendicular lenticular sheet in order to realize precise rendering and natural, high quality 3D images.