2009 will go down in history as a year when Ohio consumers had enough. Attorney General Richard Cordray today released his office's consumer complaint numbers, which reached a historic high with 30,259 complaints, up 20 percent from 2008.

"Last year was extremely challenging financially for many Ohioans," said Cordray. "We're counting our pennies and weighing each purchase. There is no tolerance for companies that fail to deliver on their promises. Ohio consumers have had enough, and we're seeing them speak out in numbers we haven't seen in the past."

Through the office's complaint resolution process and legal action, approximately $7 million in consumer restitution, civil penalties, costs and other relief was generated in 2009.

"It is our priority to ensure that Ohio consumers are treated fairly and have recourse from deceptive practices," said Cordray. "In 2009, largely in answer to consumer complaints, we filed 37 cases against companies that were taking advantage of Ohioans."

The Attorney General's office posted the full report online at http://www.OhioAttorneyGeneral.gov/2009ConsumerProtectionReport.

The year's top 10 complaints concerned:

• Motorized vehicles (buying a car, auto repair services, receiving titles from dealers)

• Collections, credit reporting and financial services (wrong information on credit reports, credit repair services, collection calls for debts not owed)

• Household goods and property improvement (roofing, driveway repair, general contractors)

• Internet and phone

• Shopping, food and beverages

• Mortgage (lenders, servicers, foreclosure rescue companies)

• Computers and electronics

• Professional services

• Health and beauty

• Utilities