Effective January 2, 2010, certain LG French-door refrigerator-freezers will be banned from using the ENERGY STAR label that helps consumers identify energy efficient products that will reduce their energy use and save them money.

The Department of Energy announced said it is taking this action after multiple independent labs have confirmed that when certain LG French-door refrigerator-freezers are tested using existing DOE test procedures, they do not qualify for the ENERGY STAR Program. DOE calls the action part of a "broader effort to expand enforcement efforts for the ENERGY STAR and appliance standards programs."

DOE General Counsel Scott Blake Harris said the ENERGY STAR label is a "critical tool for consumers looking to save energy and money with their appliances," adding that these LG refrigerator-freezer models "do not deliver the energy and cost savings promised under the ENERGY STAR program, so we are taking the necessary steps to protect the American public."

In November 2008, DOE and LG entered into an Agreement that was intended to let LG transition away from test procedures that significantly underestimated the amount of energy that certain LG French-door refrigerator-freezers would consume during normal use.

Because recent testing confirms that problems persist, DOE has exercised its right to give notice and terminate the Agreement. As a result, effective January 2, 2010, certain LG French-door refrigerators are no longer eligible to carry the ENERGY STAR label.

The models in question have been the subject of numerous complaints above and beyond their energy ratings.

• Don of Bloomington, Ind., writes ConsumerAffairs.com: "We purchased a LG French Door Freezer on the bottom refrigerator two years ago. We had trouble from the start and were told that all of our problems were our fault. Such as the vegetables freezing etc. They did service it and replace some parts but it still has the same problems. HHGreg also provided no support after the purchase. We should have returned it.

We have had strange noises, jammed icemaker, plastic parts breaking, and now that its past warranty the nice folks at LG say file a lawsuit. As U.S. makers and stores flee to cheap labor nations, we get lousy products and people without jobs. I will never by an LG anything again. The posts on this site are like a stroll down LG memory lane. Life is Good if you are an LG CEO, but us spoiled food and food poisoning.

• From Robin of Tujunga, Calif.,: "I purchased an LG French Door Refrigerator in May 2008. Within the first two months, the vegetable bins cracked. They were replaced by LG. Recently, the freezer motor has started making a strange noise. But nothing compares to: The seal on the water line on the refrigerator for the water and ice failed.

• Larry of La Center, Wash., tells ConsumerAffairs.Com: " I purchased a 2-door (French) bottom freezer refrigerator from Home Depot approximately two years ago and have had several service calls to repair freezer compartment due to ice build-up. After I told the service department that I would take them to court to recover damages for fixing the refrigerator they replace all the electrical door with the agreement that I never call them again ... I agreed.

The refrigerator must be replaced with no help from LG. If you are planning to purchase an LG refrigerator (or any other LG product) I suggest you buy a HAIR DRYER at the same time ... even that is temporary fix! LG will not own-up to their responsibilities as a manufacturer and until a class action suit is rendered "YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED"! I will be replacing this two-year-old refrigerator in the near future! This LG refrigerator I purchased cost over one thousand dollars and has never worked properly!

ENERGY STAR is a voluntary program sponsored through DOE and the Environmental Protection Agency that promotes the development and sale of energy efficient products. The labels associated with the program inform consumers of the most energy efficient products in a particular product category.

As a result of the action, LG has now sued the Department of Energy. "We intend to defend the Department's actions in federal court and to prove that the law of the United States does not give LG any right to continue using the ENERGY STAR label in a way that could impose unexpected costs upon American families and unjustly disadvantage manufacturers of more energy efficient products," Harris explained.