It was a case of withdrawal for Blackberry addicts Thursday morning when they turned on their phones and there was no familiar vibrating motion or flashing red light indicating new email.

The system was apparently restored, at least in parts of the country, around 10:00 am PST Thursday.

Users nationwide reported being unable to access email, though the devices still made and received voice calls and can be used to access the Internet through Verizon's mobile broadband service.

When a Verizon customer service representative in Virginia dialed into the system and punched in a customer's phone number, an automated response said the data server was down, but that crews were at work attempting to fix the problem.

The tech blog CrunchGear reports the outage affected all of the U.S. and Canada.

Blackberry users weren't the only ones experiencing technical trouble Thursday. Many Sprint mobile users reported problems with the SMS text system. Many customers reported getting a message saying "The message could not be delivered due to a network setup error. Please contact Customer Care. Error 2112."