Beverly Burdette was suspicious when her 82 year old father, Fred Burdette, purchased overpriced household items that he did not need, such as trash bags and light bulbs, as well as items he did not like, from a telemarketer. The telemarketer told him that the money would go to help "handicapped veterans."

Because he was a disabled World War II veteran and felt the money was going to a good cause, Fred agreed to purchase several items.

Beverly's initial suspicions were confirmed when the company, I Glo Workshop, Inc. of Phoenix, Arizona began billing her father for other items that he did not purchase. After receiving a complaint from Fred Burdette, West Virginia Attorney General Darrell McGraw's office began an investigation.

As a result, I Glo agreed to settle pending charges by the state.

In the agreement, I Glo agreed to obtain a license and surety bond and to inform consumers of their unconditional right under West Virginia law to cancel telemarketing sales within seven days. I Glo also agreed to refund all payments it collected from West Virginia consumers, which resulted in refunds of $5,828.89 and canceled debts of $4,832.06 for 99 West Virginia consumers.

"Consumers should always be wary when receiving calls from telemarketers offering deals on goods and services that sound too good to be true," McGraw said. "Consumers should insist that the terms of the sale be disclosed in writing before making a purchase. If the telemarketer refuses to disclose the terms in writing, the consumer should walk away or, in this case, hang up the phone."

In order to avoid unwanted telemarketing calls, consumers may register their telephone numbers with the Federal Trade Commission's National "Do Not Call" Registry by calling 1-888-382-1222 or by visiting

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