Need a copy of the deed to your property? You could go to the courthouse and get one for $10 or less, or you could pay some company as much as $89 to get one for you.

In North Carolina, Attorney General Roy Cooper says he's concerned not enough people understand their options when they get a solicitation from a company called National Deeds Service, Inc., in Washington, DC.

Cooper says the company sent thousands of letters to North Carolina homeowners offering to provide them with a certified copy of their property deed for $59 to $89.

Consumers can usually get that document themselves from their local Register of Deeds.

"Watch out for companies that want you to pay them for something you can get for little or no money elsewhere," Cooper warned. "If you get one of these notices, remember that you don't need to pay this company for a copy of your deed."

Most homeowners receive a copy of their deed at closing, so you may already have a copy. Some counties also allow you to view deeds for free via their web site.

In many cases, consumers may not need a certified copy of their deed and can instead print a scanned copy from their county's web site for free.

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