Consumer Reports'annual list of the 11 worst cars in America is out. Automotive analysts for the magazine took a look at more than 260 vehicles in this year's evaluation and once again SUVs made in the U.S. dominated the field.

Surprisingly, two Toyotas hit rock bottom as well and Chrysler placed three models on the list of infamy with the Jeep brand.

The Consumer Reports list differs from's annual listings of the year's biggest automotive outrages and the worst used cars. The Consumer Reports listings represent the opinions of the magazine's analysts while's picks are based on the real-world experience of consumers who share their experiences.

Here are the results for 2008, according to Consumer Reports:

•Jeep Wrangler Unlimited: The Wrangler Unlimited is reported to produce poor ride and handling as well as dismal fuel economy, fit and finish.

•Hummer H3 five-cylinder:Consumer Reports rated this SUV as providing poor performance and fuel economy. The Hummer received a low rating for handling and reliability as well.

•Jeep Liberty Sport: Rated poorly for fuel economy as well as fit and finish.

•Chevrolet Aveo5: The Aveo5 suffers from poor acceleration and handling, according to the magazine.

•Dodge Nitro SLT:Consumer Reports rated this little truck as one of the worst in the field. The Dodge Nitro SLT was scored as having poor ride, handling, braking and fuel economy.

•Toyota FJ Cruiser: One of two Toyotas at the bottom of the list, the SUV requires premium fuel and provides a poor ride, poor handling characteristics, poor fit and finish.

•Toyota Yaris: The little Yaris is a popular subcompact but produces poor acceleration and steering, according to the magazine.

•Suzuki Forenza: The Suzuki Forenza received a poor rating because of lackluster acceleration, fuel economy, ride and low results in side impact crash tests.

•Jeep Patriot Limited: The third Jeep product to make the 11 worst list show up because of poor acceleration, engine noise, driver seating position, visibility, front seat comfort, fit and finish.

•Chevrolet TrailBlazer LT: The Trailblazer LT has been around a long time, maybe too long. The SUV, according to Consumer Reports, produces poor handling, braking and fuel economy.

•Mercury Grand Marquis: The aging dinosaur is the oldest design and largest passenger car made in America. The Grand Marquis makes the bottom of the list at Consumer Reports as one of the worst cars of 2008 because of grumbling engine sounds, poor ride, fuel economy and low results in side impact crash tests.

The differences in the two publications' picks are significant. While the list also included Jeeps and some Ford products, it was headed by the often-fatal airbag failures that afflict many different cars and trucks, followed by the disastrous Ford fires, Ford trucks' propensity to spit out their spark plugs and the federal government's slow-moving response to various automotive crises.