With the growth of online auction and classified ad Web sites, scammers have taken advantage of consumers in the market for big-ticket items. Scammers often advertise an automobile for sale, take the buyer's money, then not deliver the car.

In Kentucky, Attorney General Jack Conway has announced today the indictment of Erica L. McGinn, formerly of North Bend, Nebraska, in connection with her failure to deliver a Lexus automobile sold for more than $30,000 to a Prospect, Kentucy man on Ebay in January 2008.

Investigators charged McGinn with one count each of Theft by Failure to Make Required Disposition of Property over $300 and Unlawful Access to a Computer Network in the First Degree. The theft charge is a Class D Felony and the unlawful access charge is a C Felony. If convicted, McGinn could face up to 10 years in prison.

"The Internet is a wonderful tool, but it's also a tool for crime," Conway said. "I appreciate the multi-jurisdictional effort that was involved in this arrest, and those who are trying to scam Kentuckians online should know that the Office of the Attorney General will investigate and prosecute these crimes."

The Lexus vehicle was listed for sale on the Internet auction web site Ebay. McGinn allegedly sold the Lexus to the victim, who wired the purchase price to complete the transaction.

When the victim arrived in Omaha to meet McGinn and obtain the Lexus, McGinn reportedly did not meet him at the airport as promised, and he was unable to locate the defendant at the address provided.

In fact, Conway says she never owned a Lexus.

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