AT&T Charging Fire Victims For Toasted Satellite Dish

San Diego couple didn't grab their dish as they evacuated

AT&Ts contract means what it says, and there are few, if any, extenuating circumstances that can change it.

A San Diego, California couple, who lost their home and everything in it this weeks raging brush fires, learned that the hard way.

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Matt and Dannell Azola rushed back from their honeymoon cruise when they heard their neighborhood was threatened by the spreading fires. Matt says they were in their home for about two hours when they were told they had to leave.

In the aftermath, when they discovered their two-bedroom home had burned to the ground, Dannell said she called AT&T because she wanted to cancel her telephone and cable service.

When I called, the customer service rep asked if I had remembered to pick up the satellite receiver before I left the house, Dannell told a San Diego TV station. When I told her no, that was the last thing on my mind, she said we would be billed $300 for the loss of the receiver and we should expect to see it on our next bill.

Dannell said she tried to explain that she was a fire victim and that this was sort of an unusual situation, to say the least. She spoke to the reps supervisor, who was just as resolute in enforcing the contract.

Would AT&T give them some time to try to collect insurance money before having to pay for the receiver, Dannell asked. The answer from AT&T was no, the charge will appear on your next bill.

Im angry, I dont think thats right, Dannell told the station.

Depending on which company insured the Azolas home, they may be out the $300. Technically, the Azolas did not own the receiver destroyed in the fire AT&T did. Its unclear whether they will be reimbursed for its loss.

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