A new email scam is targeting a specific group -- video game enthusiasts who use Xbox Live.

The email is designed to look like it comes from Xbox Support, and bears the subject line Changes to your Xbox Live Account.

Those who open the email receive a message informing them that changes have been made to all accounts and that users should log in and check them out. The message contains a link that supposedly takes the recipient to their account log in page.

On closer inspection, however, the link is revealed to go to a duplicate site where the scammer can capture log-in information.

The scam was reported by an Xbox user identified as Whagi, who posted the details on an Xbox forum. The bogus emails have reportedly been received in both the U.S. and UK.

These people that produce these emails and duplicate sites are idiots, Whagi wrote. Do not fall for this as they will have full access to your Passport account.

Xbox Live is a Web site where members may play Xbox video games online against other members.

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