Rawhide From India? Pet Owners Should Think Twice

Email solicitations from overseas pet product manufacturers raise doubts

An India company that "introduces itself as a manufacturer and exporter of Rawhide Dog Chew products captured the suspicious eye of ConsumerAffairs.com.

We received an e-mail solicitation from the Kanpur-based Rex International, which claims to be a pioneer name in dog food and chew products and has the best infrastructure and technically vibrant workmanship that makes us (the) preferable supplier of many European Companies.

The companys solicitation urges U.S. businesses to become distributors of its rawhide dog chew products that include sticks, ear, bones, and chips.

We guarantee you about the quality of Products and assure you for timely shipment, the e-mail states in improper grammar and punctuation. We look forward for an encouraging reply And a healthy profitable business relationship.

But who is behind this company?

How are its rawhide products made?

And are they safe for pets?

The companys Web site touts -- again with less than perfect grammar and punctuation -- that Rex International is the global Exporter & manufacturer of Dog chew & Dog food products from India. Our products ranges are Ears, Sticks, Bones and Chips in Dog chews category which are made up of Natural Rawhide with nutrition ingredients in a very clean & hygienic conditions.

It adds: our products are well processed and tested so that they meet out the international quality and standards.

Mr. Khursheed Ahmed is listed as the companys director and motivating force behind what it calls Rex Internationals phenomenal growth.

Visitors to the companys Web site -- and businesses that receive its e-mail solicitations -- are encouraged to contact Rex International for more information.

We sent the company several questions about how it manufactures its rawhide treats, if it adds any colorings or preservatives to the products, information about its quality control procedures, refunds, and guarantees, and the costs of its items, which are not listed on its Web site.

But Rex International did not respond to our inquiries.

U.S. makers of rawhide products -- who told us theyd never heard of Rex International -- cautioned pet owners about buying products from overseas and unresponsive companies.

They said rawhide is not regulated in many countries.

They also warned that some countries use arsenic-based products as preservatives and bleaching chemicals in the ultra-white rawhide treats.

What about the quality of rawhide treats made in India?

Products from India are generally lacking with products from other countries, said Marco Corsi of the Pet Factory Inc in Mundelein, Illinois. The look and workmanship level is behind the products from China, Brazil, Mexico, (and) South America.

The best advice for pet owners -- or businesses that receive this solicitation -- is not to bite on Rex Internationals offer.

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