It was a pleasant evening and a nice conversation. A young woman and her boyfriend were sitting in a nearly-brandpnew 2006 Honda Civic.

The driver started the Honda, shifted the transmission into reverse, the passenger door closed and the Honda airbags exploded into the faces of the two young people sitting in the front seats.

That is the stuff that the Lemon of the Week award was designed to honor.

Rosemary, the mother of the young woman driving the Honda Civic, told us that daughter's boyfriend was talking to his brother, his brother closed the passenger side door and the airbags went off.

Honda first said the airbags went off because the door was shut too hard, Rosemary told Then they said it was an immaculate deployment and they don't know why they went off. Either way, they are not covering it, she said.

When she bought the Civic for her daughter, Rosemary paid $7,500.00 for a down payment and wrote a monthly payment check for $299.

After the immaculate airbag deployment, she asked for a new Civic, having the same balance as we have right now with the same payments.

Honda offered to sell us a 2007 Accord for a good price because they redesigned the 2008. What a deal. Our balance will be higher, we will have an additional year of payments and our payment would be $16.00 more per month, Rosemary complained.

The 2006 Civic now has a record because of the airbag deployment that will cause interested buyers to look elsewhere. We are fully aware it will have a ding on Carmax because of the deployment, other dealers have confirmed this, she said.

Numerous other consumers have reported problems with Honda airbags.

But all is not lost. Rosemary's daughter's 2006 Honda Civic wins the lemon of the Week award for the immaculate deployment of the car's airbags.