Charlotte, North Carolina-based Trinity Public Relations sells magazines door to door nationwide, but from now on it wont be knocking on any doors in its home state.

North Carolina Attorney General Roy Copper says he has obtained a consent decree, barring the company from doing business in the state.

These door-to-door sellers agreed to change their ways but we continued to hear from people who werent getting their magazines or their money back, said Cooper. Now were shutting the door so they cant do business here.

Under the agreement, Trinity is permanently barred from owning or operating any business in North Carolina that sells magazines. The company must also cancel contracts with consumers who complained to Coopers office and refund their money.

The Attorney Generals Consumer Protection Division said it has received 70 consumer complaints against Trinity since 2005. Another 111 consumers complained to the Better Business Bureau in Charlotte, which helped with the case.

Consumers complained that Trinity sales agents tried to play on their sympathies by claiming to be ill, disabled or in financial need. Some even claimed that the proceeds would go to a local charity or school fundraiser. When the magazines didnt arrive, people who contacted the company said that Trinity made excuses and false promises.

Beware of companies that use sob stories to get you to open your wallet, Cooper cautioned consumers.

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