A country already shaken by salmonella in its peanut butter has another food worry. A TV news crew has photographed rats scampering across the floor of a KFC and Taco Bell store in Manhattan's trendy Greenwich Village.

The footage, aired locally in the New York market, sent city health inspectors scurrying to the scene. It also produced a contrite statement from parent company Yum! Brands, which called the incident "completely unacceptable."

The footage, shot through a window of the restaurant, shows several rats running around on the floor.

Local restaurant officials said construction was going on at the time, and may have attracted the rodents. The restaurant was closed at the time of the taping.

In fact, the restaurant may be closed for some time. City health inspectors ordered the facility to shut its doors pending further investigation.

Rats have been an ongoing problem in New York City. While they're a common sight in subway tunnels, some New Yorkers expressed shock as seeing them running freely through a fast food restaurant.