Magazine subscriptions are tricky things. Even legitimate companies try to lure you into renewing early, afraid you might drop it. But watch out -- scam artists pretending to be calling to renew your subscription will try to get you to send them money, as Sikes, of Roswell, Georgia, recently discovered when United Magazine Service called with a special offer on a two year magazine subscription renewal.

"The telemarketer for United Magazine Service was quite pushy and wanted a credit card number or a bank account number in order for me to take advantage of the offer," Sikes told

"I did receive a letter which stated that I could receive a further deduction of $4.00 if I mailed the check in by a certain date. The letter was quite legitimate looking with all kinds of info, cancellation policy, customer service phone number etc. So, I mailed a check. My check was cashed."

"I have now discovered that my magazine company was never contacted, never sent a notice of renewal, and have on file that another customer had filed a complaint about United Magazine Service."

This scam is being run under a variety of different names and companies, making it harder for law enforcement to track them down. Sometimes the scammers pretend to be from a collection agency, collecting money on behalf of the magazine.

In most cases, the magazines are clueless that this is happening. But somehow these renegade companies are obtaining consumers names, telephone numbers, and the magazines they subscribe to.

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