The Internet makes it easier to look for a new job. By posting your resume on a number of popular jobs sites, it's easier for employers to find you.

Unfortunately, it's also easier for identity thieves to find you.

The FBI says it increasingly receives reports of job seekers being contacted by criminals out to steal their identity. Posing as a potential employer, the scammer requests more information, including sensitive data like social security number and date of birth.

Many people fall victim to this scam because they think the request is legitimate, and the information is needed for a background check. Instead, the information is used to open credit card accounts and lines of credit in the victim's name.

If you're going to go job hunting online, the FBI has some advice.

• Don't give out a Social Security number until you're sure of the identity of the person making the request.

• Don't agree to a background check until after an interview in person.

• Never set up a direct deposit until officially hired, and

• When applying online, target specific employers and don't blanket the web with resumes. J. Mark Huffman Office (804) 453-3552 Home (804) 453-9339 Cell - (804)-456-0052 FAX - (804) 453-3556