Chase Warns of Online Survey Scam

It's seldom a good idea to take part in an online survey

It's seldom a good idea to take part in an online survey, and a new email phishing scam underscores that point.

Consumers report getting emails purportedly from Chase Bank offering them $100 to take a two-minute online survey. Police say it's simply the latest twist in an online identity theft scam.

The email appears to be from Chase Bank's customer service department and tells the recipient they have been selected at random for the survey offer.

All they have to do is answer a few questions and the bank will slip an extra $100 into their account. The questions inevitably get around to the victim's personal financial information.

Of course, the offer is a fraud. Chase Bank says it would never solicit sensitive data through an email.

The bank is a frequent disguise for fraudsters, since it is so large and also has millions of credit card customers.

Consumer advocates say anyone with a Chase account might fall for the scam unless they stop to think first -- and reject any request that they take part in an online survey.

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