The Hy Cite Corp. says it resolved the 27 consumer complaints sent the company in 2001.

"We took care of every consumer," company president Erik Johnson said in a recent interview. "We exchanged products, we showed them how to use the cookware, and we did whatever was necessary to make them happy."

Or did it?

We've learned some consumers aren't satisfied with the resolution the company offered.

Consumers like Cuauhtmoc O. of Los Angeles. He bought $1400 worth of Royal Prestige cookware, but cancelled his order before the products arrived.

He never received the cookware and believed the matter was settled.

But then it showed up on my credit report a few years later as an unpaid debt, he says. When I bought my house, the escrow company withdrew $1425 from my deposit and wrote a check to Royal Prestige.

Cuauhtemoc says Royal Prestige contacted him shortly after he filed a complaint with

They said they cant refund my money, but they sent me a 22-piece set of cookware. They made me sign a letter stating that I was now satisfied and consider my complaint resolved.

I signed the letter because I felt like I didnt have choice, he says. At least this way, Id get something back. But I have to be honest, Im not satisfied. If I didnt want the pans in the first place, why would I want them now? I would have preferred to have my money back.

So would Sarah B. of Madison, Wisconsin, who says a Royal Prestige salesman bilked her out of $500 for an electric skillet.

Hy Cite gave her a three-piece set of cookware to resolve her complaint.

I thought it would be great, Sarah says. But everything sticks to the pans. Im not satisfied. I think a better resolution would have been to refund my money.

Veronica W. of Waterford, Wisconsin says the company resolved her dispute over a free cruise offer.

But she refused to discuss the details of that resolution, saying They have given me a large portion of my money back. I have signed a waiver to not exploit them from the date of the agreement. And I am unable to disclose any other information.

Hy Cites president confirmed his company had consumers sign a confidential agreement stating their complaints were now resolved and they wouldnt disclose any further information.

We also asked them to stop putting negative things about us on the Internet.