California researchers have concluded that a diet filled with fruits and vegetables is an effective weapon in keeping pancreatic cancer at bay. The findings by a team from the University of California at San Francisco showed the fruit and vegetable-rich diet cut the risk of pancreatic cancer in half.

According to the study, the more servings of fruits and vegetables, the better than chances of avoiding the cancer. Eating two servings a day, for example, was not effective. Eating five servings or more was associated with the 50 percent reduction in cancer risk.

Not all vegetable are equal, according to the researchers. Onions, garlic, beans, yellow vegetables and dark leafy vegetables provide the most protection. Tomatoes and lighter colored vegetables are less effective, according to the study.

If you had to choose between fruits and vegetables, the researchers say you would get more cancer protection from vegetables. Of the fruits, citrus seemed to be most effective.

The researchers said the findings are important because pancreatic cancer is hard to diagnose and treat. They say a healthy diet can make pancreatic cancer even rarer to start with.