More than 200 pharmacies, including Wal-Mart and Discount Drug Mart, have signed up for AGRx, an Ohio Web site listing prices from pharmacies of the top 25 prescription drugs.

"It is my hope that this service will become a tool seniors on fixed incomes, the uninsured and those lacking adequate prescription drug coverage can use to comparison shop to find lower prices for their prescription drugs," said Attorney General Jim Petro, who unveiled the site.

Using AGRx is as easy as choosing a drug and/or a region in which you live. The search engine lists the participating pharmacies and prices for drugs in that region, which are updated every three months. The price does not include discounts for insurance or for any other reason.

AGRx can be found at It also includes a one-stop resource linking consumers to federal and state prescription drug discount programs and services. Many pharmacies will help consumers find a suitable discount program.

Pharmacies listed on AGRx have volunteered to be part of the program to help consumers save money on their prescriptions. Pharmacies will continue to sign up throughout the year. Consumers who don't see their local pharmacy listed can tell them to call 1-800-282-0515 to sign up. Participating pharmacies send price updates every three months.

The 25 drugs used in AGRx are from Pharmacy Times' annual report of the top 200 drugs dispensed, retailed or sold by mail order across the country.