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September 26, 2023

Make Believe Ideas recalls seven Rainbow Road Board Books

Toyota recalls 21,000 model year 2023 Tundras and Tundra Hybrids

September 25, 2023

Cruises are starting to curry favor with travelers tired of airlines

Panera simplifies ordering on its mobile app

Auto loans and credit cards may remain expensive for a while

Study finds diet soda and autism link

Polaris recalls nearly 23,000 MATRYX snowmobiles

Nissan recalls 153,000 Altimas and Sentras

September 22, 2023

Hidden Amazon money-saving deals exposed

Multiple scams are targeting PayPal users

The feds are forgiving more student loans

Government resumes free COVID-19 test distribution

$23,000 no longer buys a three-year-old used car

Life Raft Treats recalls ice cream

Mercedes-Benz recalls 11,000 model year 2023 GLC300s

September 21, 2023

Report: Mastercard becoming rich off consumers’ personal info

There's good news for Spectrum and Disney customers

Target joins October holiday sales rush with new sale

That Xfinity scam is still claiming victims

For most drivers, fall is the most dangerous season

Volkswagen recalls 47,000 model year 2019-2020 Jettas

Kraft Heinz recalls Kraft Singles cheese slices

September 20, 2023

Bank customers face two sophisticated and growing scams

Here's how to avoid a home improvement disaster

Walmart schedules 'Holiday Kickoff' October 9-12

Ouch! Gas prices are rising again.

Starbucks sued over the contents of its ‘fruit’ drinks

Honda recalls 392,000 lawnmowers and pressure washer engines

Kia recalls 145,000 Sorentos, Sorento Hybrids and Sorento Plug-in Hybrids

September 19, 2023

Another Prime Day so soon? Why not?

Buy Now Pay Later companies try to woo more customers

Walmart adds in-store police station to curb shoplifting

TikTok videos offer shoplifting tips

Do you know someone thinking of suicide? Here's how to help.

Church & Dwight recalls TheraBreath Strawberry Splash for Kids

Ford recalls 8,500 model year 2023 Edge vehicle

September 18, 2023

The new iPhone deals are crazy good, but is that a trap?

The move to 'digital' gift cards is starting to escalate

Delta restructures SkyMiles rewards program

The UAW strike could make cars more expensive

ConsumerAffairs ranks the best cities for retirement

Porsche recalls various 2023 Taycans with battery issue

Pirelli recalls P ZERO Race TLR bike tires