From Palestine to Standing Rock We Are United. Juntos Protejamos. Mni Wiconi. Artwork and signs of solidarity from all over the world decorated the fence and the main entrance, where volunteer security guards welcomed a line of cars that grew increasingly longer each day. At nightfall, Sioux elders invited anyone who wanted to join in prayer around a sacred fire. But the Suburbans, stadium lights, and police could still be seen in the distance, tiny figures on a hill cal...

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Don’t let thieves spoil your trip

There are steps you can take before leaving home and while traveling

It was a sunny day in Madrid, the perfect day to linger outside. While walking through the alleys we found a charming café in a plaza and ordered a half ca… continue reading

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Before sending money for a puppy you found online, verify that it's not being sold by a scam artist

December 1, 2016

November 30, 2016

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