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December 7, 2023

Giving your child melatonin to induce sleep? Maybe you should read this…

Google introduces new AI model, Gemini

Recalled chocolates are just one of several holiday hazards this year

U.S. lacks sufficient housing for seniors, report warns

Berkshire Blanket recalls heated throws and blankets

Chrysler recalls 142,00 Ram pickup trucks

December 6, 2023

Bundle up, streaming subscribers, because deals are blowing up like crazy

How much data are you giving up when you accept 'all cookies?'

If AI is so smart, why are AI customer service chats so clueless?

You can score a holiday meal for four for under $25 at Target

Wine Country Gift Baskets recalls raspberry crème filled cookies

Ricon recalls Threshold Warning System Kits

December 5, 2023

QR code scams are about to reach dangerous levels

A new guide tries to simplify what may work best to prevent dementia

Hackers have accessed data from nearly 7 million 23andMe users

Amid high inflation, gold prices hit a record high

Pacific Trellis Fruit recalls Malichita brand cantaloupes

PandaEar recalls stainless steel children’s cups

December 4, 2023

Red-nosed puppy scams are popping up all over this holiday season

Can’t decide what to buy the kids for the holidays? Here’s what they’re asking for.

Scams targeting shoppers likely to last through the holidays

Have you fallen victim to an imposter scam on Zelle? A refund could be in your future.

Is the record plunge in pending home sales good news for buyers?

Lenovo recalls USB-C laptop power banks

More than 45,000 Ford Fiestas, Fusions and Lincoln MKZs recalled

December 1, 2023

$25 holiday flights home for students. No, it's not a typo.

'Granny, I had a wreck on the way home for Christmas and they put me in jail!'

A respiratory illness is spreading among dogs across the country

Some Family Dollar shoppers are getting gift cards in rat settlement

FDA warns breakthrough cancer treatment might cause cancer

Doctors Scientific Organica recalls protein bars

Chrysler recalls 32,000 Jeep Wrangler PHEVs

November 30, 2023

Flying over the holidays? Here are the best and worst days to do it.

Buying a DNA kit for a holiday gift? You might get a headache instead.

Mounjaro vs. Ozempic: Which one has the best weight loss results?

Here are states where borrowers can face the highest rates and fees

The cost of heating your home may be less this winter

Kwik Trip recalls fruit cups and trays

GM recalls 60,000 Buick Encore GXs & Envistas, and Chevrolet Traxs