Zoom announces online platform ‘Zoom Events’ for hosting events

Photo (c) SDI Productions - Getty Images

Users will be able to sell tickets, track attendance, and more

Zoom announced Wednesday that it will soon launch a dedicated product that will enable businesses and social users to create and execute virtual events. 

The video chat service describes its new feature as “an all-in-one platform that gives you the tools to create engaging virtual experiences that attendees will love.” When it launches later this summer, “Zoom Events” will enable users to do following: 

  • Build an event hub;

  • Host events (free, paid, one-time, or series);

  • Manage and share events;

  • Customize ticketing and registration;

  • Control access to billing;

  • Bring attendees together with integrated networking, and; 

  • Track event statistics, like attendance and revenue. 

Events held on the new platform can be kept private or posted to a public directory for others to discover. The service will be available to users with an existing paid Zoom Meetings or Video Webinar license. 

Zoom previously stepped into the paid event marketplace last fall through the launch of OnZoom, a service that allows smaller businesses to host and monetize online events. Zoom Events expands on that concept by supporting larger multi-day events and adding non-video activities, like group chat. 

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