Younger consumers are much less satisfied with their wireless service


But among all consumers, Verizon ranks among the highest

How satisfied are you with your wireless provider? Your answer may indicate your age.

When J.D. Power polled consumers about their wireless customer experience, they found that what it calls “pre-boomers” have more complaints about their wireless service than baby boomers, with the number of issues increasing as consumers get younger, with Gen Z reporting the most.

One possible explanation could be that Gen Z uses their phones a lot more than older generations. According to the J.D. Power survey, Gen Z averages 300 minutes a day on their phones while boomers use their devices much less.

“Younger generations, particularly Gen Z, are very demanding of their wireless networks,” said Carl Lepper, senior director of technology, media and telecom at J.D. Power. “Not only do they heavily rely on their devices, but they also stream and game at higher rates than older generations and have less tolerance for data-related issues. As wireless users get younger, network speed and reliability must remain at the forefront for providers to retain and attract customers." 

When it comes to reported problems with service, AT&T and Verizon Wireless ranked the highest in a tie for fewest problems in the Mid-Atlantic and North Central regions, each with nine problems per (PP) 100 uses.

Verizon Wireless ranked highest in the Northeast region with eight PP100. T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless ranked highest in a tie in the Southeast region, each with nine PP100. Verizon Wireless ranked highest in the Southwest region with 10 PP100 and ranked highest in the West region with 10 PP100.

What ConsumerAffairs reviewers say

When it comes to ConsumerAffairs reviewers, none of the “Big Three” providers poll particularly well. Verizon has an overall rating of 1.3-Stars, with 1-Star reviews accounting for 88% of all reviews.

T-Mobile also manages only an average of 1.3-Star reviews. Complaints range from coverage to service.

AT&T does slightly better, averaging 1.4-Stars with our reviewers. Eighty-seven percent of its reviews are 1-Star.

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