People collect weird things and they are willing to pay a pretty penny for what they collect.

How about wedding cake? If you have been married and divorced a few times you may have a couple of pieces of wedding cake lying around in your freezer. Or you might just be a wedding cake collector. If so, you missed a piece up for grabs.

You know that cute couple from across the pond, Prince William and Duchess Catherine? A slice of their life went up for auction recently in Beverly Hills. A piece of their wedding cake from 2011 was auctioned off for $7,500. All I can say is that cake better get better with each passing day. You can only keep turkey for three days. Wedding cake, though, goes for years I guess.

Julien's of Beverly Hills had thought they would bring about $2,000 for the piece of history and they were pretty shocked when they saw how high the bidding went. The cake, which was eight tiers, took the baker five weeks to make and is said to peak in flavor 13 months after it was baked. It came in a tin along with a blank invitation to the wedding presented on the Queen's stationery.

I guess if you can pass around a fruitcake at the holidays year after year, a piece of wedding cake would be, well, a piece of cake.

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