PhotoThe Yahoo and Verizon acquisition deal has faced many bumps in the road since the deal was first struck last July. In September, details on Yahoo’s data breach of 500 million accounts were made public and threatened the security of the arrangement.

Unfortunately, things only seemed to escalate from there. Rumors circulated that Verizon was seeking a $1 billion discount on the deal, and executives stated that they needed more information before things could move forward. Then, in December, a separate data breach of one billion user accounts was revealed, and many experts proclaimed that the acquisition was as good as dead.

However, Verizon hasn’t left the negotiating table, and now sources are saying that a new deal could be imminent. Bloomberg quotes sources close to the matter as saying that Verizon is close to renegotiating a deal that would reduce the original $4.8 billion price tag by about $250 million.

Additionally, sources say that Yahoo’s renamed entity Altaba would share ongoing legal responsibilities related to the data breaches. While a specific timetable for the announcement has not been set, and the deal could be renegotiated further, sources say the deal could be announced as soon as a few days or as late as a few weeks from now.

Cementing a deal

Yahoo has been under pressure to cement the deal for some time. CEO Marissa Mayer, who was brought in specifically to turn things around for the struggling company, has been at the helm as each data breach was publicized. However, earlier reports suggest that she will be stepping down as a director pending a successful acquisition deal.

Verizon has faced a different sort of pressure connected to the deal. Yahoo’s platform of one billion users would greatly help the company expand into the mobile media and advertising markets, but some shareholders may be leery about doing business with a company that has suffered so much scandal in such a short amount of time. However, ultimately, those same shareholders would have to approve a revised deal before it could go forward.

On news of the deal, Yahoo’s stock jumped 2% to $45.93 just before 11:00 a.m. Consequently, Verizon shares slipped 0.7% to $47.95. 

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