With Zwivel, cosmetic procedures start online

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Have one-on-one doctor consultations from your own home

Cosmetic surgery has come a long way over the years and has come even further recently.

Zwivel, a new online cosmetic consultation service, is changing the way patients search for and connect with cosmetic doctors by streamlining the information-gathering process.

“The purpose of Zwivel is to help consumers research and quickly choose cosmetic services and doctors online before an in-office consultation,” said Scott Kera, chief operating officer of Zwivel.

An answer to the problem of wasted time

Co-Founder and CEO Dr. Gary Breslow and his buddy Craig Abramowitz came up with the idea for the service while discussing the problems that plague in-person cosmetic consultation appointments -- namely that of time waste.

Since its launch in August 2015, Zwivel has seen rapid adoption by the cosmetic industry and patients seeking information online.

“With more than 60% of all cosmetic consultations ending up with no procedure being performed, a great deal of valuable time is wasted – by both cosmetic doctors and patients – on consultations that go nowhere. Zwivel tackles this inefficiency head on,” says PR Rocket.

Patients can benefit as well. Approximately 90% of all cosmetic patients are women -- women who have jobs, children or both. Most don’t have time to go to multiple plastic surgeons to find out which doctor and which procedure is right for them.

Consult with multiple doctors without ever leaving your home

The entire process is completely private and secure. Within a HIPAA/HITECH compliant interface, users can upload photos and videos of themselves and have all their preliminary questions answered. They can share their concerns and medical history, as well as their budget and time frame for the treatment.

Doctors can then review the information and respond with their treatment recommendations and fee estimates. At this point, if the patient is satisfied he or she can schedule a full, in-office consultation.

Zwivel is free for both cosmetic patients and doctors via Zwivel.com or the free Zwivel app for iPhone and Android.

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