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Nothing feels better on a warm summer day then a nice breeze against your neck and the wind gently blowing through your hair. How would you like to have that same effect when you step out of the shower?

Enter the body dryer.

It's a full-blown dryer that dries off your whole body. No towel is needed. In fact thats the point. It's a larger version of the hand dryers you see in the airport bathrooms. The body dryer is designed out of a need to “replace bacteria filled and environmentally harmful bathroom towels,” said designer Tyler Overk.

It just might feel good as well! It was designed in the U.S. and as long as you are 325 pounds or less you should be able to get blown away! You can monitor your weight with the built-in scale. It only takes 30 seconds and you will be drip dry via compressed, ionized air.

Personalized breeze

How do you like your air? Full force or just a light breeze? You can adjust the way the air stream is delivered through different shaped nozzles on the footplate that develop a cylindrical tunnel of air around your damp little body. Sounds like fun doesn't it? Might be something to do as a couple. Who knows?

It's not in stores yet. The team has been raising money through and Indiegogo. If it makes it into stores it should sell for around $250.00.

The body dryer should be great for company as well, there is no washing all of those dirty towels. Think about it -- kids will no longer leave towels on the floor. This thing could make your life a breeze!

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