Wegman’s says it accidentally double-billed some shoppers

Photo (c) d3sign - Getty Images

If you bought groceries recently, check your credit card account

Here’s a reminder that it’s always good to regularly check your credit card accounts. In addition to possible fraudulent changes, a legitimate merchant might place an accidental charge.

Wegman’s, the upscale supermarket chain, has disclosed that some customers were double-charged when they made purchases using a credit card. The extra charges occurred both at in-store checkout terminals and online.

The double-charging occurred on transactions that were processed on Aug. 16 and were reported at more than 110 Wegman’s locations in the U.S.

One consumer posting on Facebook said she contacted Wegman’s after she noticed the identical charges and was told that it was a “system-wide” error. Other customers advised shoppers to check their bank statements, though it’s not clear if the glitch affected debit cards.

Not to fear, company officials said affected customers will get reimbursed. The company said it is working with payment processors to restore the money. A company spokesperson told media outlets that affected customers should get their money back quickly, depending on the cards’ issuers.

The spokesperson did not disclose a reason for the error.

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