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Walgreens to give away $25 gift cards to shoppers who get vaccinated at a store

The company’s offer is good until June 26

Photo (c) Sundry Photography - Getty Images
If you haven’t yet received a COVID-19 vaccine, Walgreens has a new offer that might entice you to get one.

The company announced today that it will be giving away $25 store gift cards to people who get vaccinated at one of its stores from now until Saturday, June 26. The company says the incentive is being made to support the government’s push to protect more people from the coronavirus.

“Walgreens is providing the added incentive to encourage more individuals to get a COVID-19 vaccine in support of President Biden’s National Month of Action,” the company said in a statement.

Receiving rewards

Consumers who have a myWalgreens account will have immediate access to the $25 cash rewards after they are vaccinated; those who do not have an account will be able to opt for a physical gift card after getting their shot.

While younger children are not eligible to receive rewards, parents of adolescents between the ages of 12 and 15 can redeem the offer on their behalf if they are vaccinated at a store within the eligible time frame. 

To help bolster the vaccination effort, the company said it will also be extending pharmacy hours on Friday, June 25, at 4,000 locations so that more people have a chance to come in for their shot. 

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