PhotoVTech says the personal records of 4.8 million children and their parents have been breached by hackers. The data includes kids' birthdays and home addresses, as well as their parents' passwords and password hints.

The data was stored in VTech's "Learning Lodge" app store, where customers of the Hong Kong-based company can download apps, games, e-books, and other content for VTech products.

The company said the breached database contains general user profile information, including their name, email address, encrypted password, secret question and answer for password retrieval, IP address, mailing address, and download history.

"It is important to note that our customer database does not contain any credit card information and VTech does not process nor store any customer credit card data on the Learning Lodge website. To complete the payment or check-out process of any downloads made on the Learning Lodge website, our customers are directed to a secure, third party payment gateway," the company said.

It noted that the database "does not contain any personal identification data (such as ID card numbers, Social Security numbers or driving license numbers)."

Customers can contact VTech at

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