PhotoBuying and selling items online may be simple, but most of us feel at least somewhat uncomfortable with the idea of meeting a stranger to complete the transaction.

VarageSale, an app to buy and sell used items locally, wants to take the fear factor out of buying and selling online. Instead of an anonymized email address, VarageSale users see Facebook-verified profiles and bios of buyers and sellers in their area.

To further verify that a member is trustworthy, users can check reviews from other members. Prospective buyers and sellers can also breathe easy knowing that every aspect of the service is moderated by admins. 

Full names and profile photo

For those who may feel some level of trepidation about giving out a home address, the app may be a welcomed alternative to sites like Craigslist.

"Buying and selling online can be intimidating for a lot of people, especially women," said Angus Tucker, Executive Creative Director at john st., the agency behind the campaign. "That whole 'having some total stranger come to your house to buy your stuff' thing is a real pain point."

A survey conducted by VarageSale found that 90% of respondents would feel more comfortable buying and selling online if they were able to see a person’s full name and a profile photo.

85% female

To assuage member fear, the app removes anonymity and lets members “know who they’re dealing with,” says Tami Zuckerman, Co-Founder of VarageSale.

"VarageSale is the only buy/sell app made up of private local communities, creating a trusted shopping experience," Zuckerman said in a statement.

Currently, 85% of the app's members are female. VarageSale notes that most women use the app to buy or sell items such as clothing, baby gear, and home decor.

The app is available as a free download on iTunes and Google Play.

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