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Two brands of digital CO detectors may not do their job, report finds

The Consumer Product Safety Commission is warning consumers about the potential for carbon monoxide poisoning

Photo (c) Michael Headz - Getty Images
Carbon monoxide detectors play an important role in consumers’ safety in their homes, and now two brands have come under fire for failing to do their jobs. 

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is warning consumers about two digital carbon monoxide detectors that are currently sold on Amazon that have allegedly failed to alert consumers to dangerous levels of CO: the GLBSUNION and the CUZMAK. 

Following tests done on the GLBSUNION and CUZMAK detectors, CPSC said neither device was effective at signaling when an area had reached 400 ppm – a violation of safety standard UL 2034. Failure to detect CO puts consumers at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, which can be fatal. 

Even though there is no recall, the CPSC is urging consumers to dispose of these detectors if they have them in their homes and to replace them with working devices. The agency also hopes that companies stop making them accessible to consumers.

What to avoid

The CPSC is identifying which specific makes and models of these CO detectors consumers should avoid. 

Model number CD01 was sold on Amazon under the ASIN: B07MPVK6HG and B07K44HLCV. Model number AJ-938 was sold on Amazon under the ASIN: B093Y1KK5Q and B093Y637CM.

Both detectors have digital display screens and are supposed to alert consumers of dangerous levels of CO with both a loud alarm and a flashing red light. 

The CSPC encourages consumers to only purchase CO detectors that meet the UL 2034 safety standard. Additionally, for optimal safety in the home, the following actions are recommended: 

  • Regularly replace the batteries in your CO detectors

  • Ensure that every floor of the home has a CO detector

  • Ensure that CO detectors are located outside of all sleeping areas

  • Keep backup batteries on hand for your CO detectors 

  • Do routine tests of your CO detector

More faulty CO detectors

These two faulty CO detectors join a seemingly growing list of defective devices that are designed to keep consumers safe. Just a few months ago, another CO detector sold on Amazon – the HECOPRO – was found to have the same issues as the GLBSUNION and CUZMAK. 

While none of the items have been recalled, it’s important for consumers to know what risks are out there. 

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