PhotoConsumers are becoming increasingly more reliant on social media when it comes to their shopping habits. If a friend writes a negative review of a product or service, many people would be more likely to avoid taking advantage of it. Conversely, if someone you know writes something very positive about a product or service (and you can reasonably trust their reliability), then you might be more likely to give it a try for yourself.

It is this latter case that Twitter will undoubtedly be looking to take advantage of. According to a Digiday report, the social media giant will soon be collecting user tweets about products and using them in their advertising campaigns. Companies who will be looking to take advantage of the feature were reportedly able to check it out at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this past week.

Twitter is building the feature around its “brand enthusiast gallery”, a source of brand-related tweets from users that advertisers can search through and use. Privacy hounds take ease, though – Twitter promises to directly message the author of a post for permission before allowing it to be used in an advertisement.

When applied, this feature will be able to change the old paradigm that has been used for product advertising. For a long time, commercials and other ads used popular figures like celebrities to endorse their products and gain consumer trust. Switching the onus to be on the consumer will allow shoppers to see what people in their area think of a product, which could be potentially more valuable, according to the Digiday report.

The release date for the product is not yet known, but Twitter fanatics should be on the lookout. Those direct messages from pleading companies and advertisers could come at any time. 

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