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Twitter to launch option to report misleading voting information

Users in several countries will soon be able to report content for being ‘misleading about voting’

Photo (c) bombuscreative - Getty Images
Twitter announced on Wednesday that it’s rolling out a new feature which will enable users to report misleading tweets related to voting.

The feature will launch first in India on April 25, then in Europe starting April 29 -- two major areas where elections are set to take place soon. The company says it plans to extend the option to users who will be participating in other elections around the world “throughout the rest of the year.”

In a blog post announcing the feature, Twitter said users can report tweets that contain the following types of misleading information:

  • Inaccurate content related to the date or location of polling stations;

  • False claims about identity requirements for being eligible to vote;

  • Misleading information about how to vote or register to vote (for example, that you can vote by Tweet, text message, email, or phone call).

Cracking down on false information

To report a tweet, users can tap the arrow menu on the tweet and select the “report tweet” option. From there, choose the “It’s misleading about voting” option from the dropdown menu.

"Voting is a fundamental human right and the public conversation occurring on Twitter is never more important than during elections. Any attempts to undermine the process of registering to vote or engaging in the electoral process is contrary to the company’s core values,” Twitter said.

Back in February, Twitter officials were called to appear before a Parliamentary Panel in India to present the company’s views on “safeguarding citizens’ rights on social/online news media platforms.” Following the meeting, Twitter agreed to appoint a nodal officer to work with the Election Commission to ensure that the Lok Sabha polls are not influenced by foreign entities.

The company says the new reporting feature is in addition to its "existing proactive approach to tackling malicious automation and other forms of platform manipulation on the service.”

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