PhotoThey're massing in Virginia right now, preparing for a weekend assault on Washington, D.C. Who, you ask? The British, the Taliban, the Confederate Army?

No, it's America's truckers, or at least some of them. A loose confederation of independent truckers has vowed to run huge convoys of trucks around the Capital Beltway that circles Washington, D.C., but never penetrates it, shutting the region down during the Friday rush hour and throughout the weekend.

Of course, the region is usually pretty well shut down by traffic anyway, so there's some question whether anyone will notice. And then there's the little matter of Congress, which last time we checked convenes in the Capitol, which is smack in the middle of D.C., far from the noisy, dirty Beltway, which carries I-95 and I-495 through the area.

Most Congressmen bunk near the Capitol when they're in town and few ever have occasion to take the Beltway. So it's mostly furloughed federal workers and the few million other residents of Maryland and Virginia that will feel the brunt of the truckers' wrath, if any.

"Riding for the Constitution"

What's it all about? Why, it's about the Constitution, of course, something everyone talks about lately but which few have studied. Oh, a few people manage to read the thing but it takes quite a bit of non-ideological study of the actual history of the document and its interpretation by the courts over the years to really understand it.

Driving a truck -- or shouting loudly on TV, for that matter -- doesn't leave much time for studying constitutional law, so whatever argument is being advanced is likely to be rather basic.

It's surely not high fuel prices the truckers are mad about. Prices are relatively low right now, thanks to the economy once again heading for the tank as Congress diddles with the nation's wealth. Could it be the dread Obamacare that has driven the truckers to try extreme measures?

We're not sure, quite honestly.  The truckers' website says they'll be "riding for the Constitution." Perhaps more significantly, it speculates the weekend of driving in a circle will spread into a nationwide truckers strike that will soon leave supermarket shelves empty.

Maybe that will happen about the same time the U.S. defaults on its debt. That will certainly get everything straightened out and back on track.


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