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Toyota recalls RAV4s, RAV4 EVs, Celicas and Supras

The front driver-side airbag inflator may rupture

Photo source: Toyota
Toyota is recalling about 139,000 model year 1998–2000 RAV4s, model year 1998–1999 RAV4 EVs, model year 1998–1999 Celicas and model year 1997–1998 Supras with a potentially affected Takata-produced single-stage non-azide front driver airbag inflator.

The airbag may not deploy properly resulting in abnormal deployment of the airbag or the chance of an inflator rupture, increasing the risk of injury.

What to do

A remedy is currently under development.

Toyota will notify owners by first class mail by late-March.

Owners may contact Toyota at (800) 331-4331.

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