Thrifting goes virtual with Goodwill's new online store

Photo (c) DB Durden - Getty Images

Shoppers can save on secondhand pieces without leaving their homes

Thrifting just got even easier. 

Goodwill has announced that shoppers will now be able to look through its inventory from the comfort of their own homes with the launch of, an online shopping platform run by the organization.  

The site went live this week, starting out with 100,000 donations available for online purchase, though that figure is expected to grow exponentially. Right now, shoppers can get just about anything – men’s, women’s, and kids’ clothing, jewelry, books, toys, electronics, home goods, and more.

Making donations will remain an in-store activity but the new website lets shoppers browse through different categories looking for second-hand goods. 

“Our new social enterprise makes it easier for the conscious consumer to shop sustainably online, while heightening the thrifting experience they’ve come to love at Goodwill,” said Matthew Kaness, CEO of Goodwill Finds. 

Greater access to thrifting

With the new website, the organization hopes to make it easier for consumers to go thrift shopping. While there are currently 3,300 Goodwill locations across the country, online shopping will make it easier for shoppers to make purchases that are good for the environment and their wallets. 

The stock for the online store will come from in-person donations. Then, when items are purchased, shoppers will have different options for shipping depending on where they live and where their item was donated.

Items will be shipped from either local warehouses or directly from the store where the item was donated, and shipping costs will vary depending on location and each individual order. 

Consumers may feel good about shopping from GoodwillFinds, as the purchase benefits the community and the environment – and typically comes with a lower price tag. As the new website reads: “Your purchases directly fund job training, community development, and support services in our local communities that help make opportunities become realities.” 

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