PhotoAt a family gathering over the weekend, one of my cousins arrived a few hours late after driving from Lincoln, Neb. He was still seething at some of the drivers on I-64 who were navigating through extensive road construction.

What set my cousin off was a practice that probably irritates most drivers. There were ample signs warning that the left lane was blocked ahead and drivers should stay to the right, but dozens of cars ignored the signs and whizzed past him in the left lane, pulling in far ahead of him and slowing his, and all the other considerate drivers' progress to a crawl.

That led to a discussion about other inconsiderate driver behaviors – like drivers who realize too late that they are supposed to be in the left turn lane and partially nose their way in, with the rest of their vehicle blocking the through lane.

Left turns

Left turns tend to be a real sore spot. There were complaints voiced about drivers attempting to make a left turn onto a busy highway, causing a back-up of vehicles behind them.

Then there are drivers who cut you off, turn without signaling, and sit though half a green light because they're too busy sending a text to notice the light has changed.

There really isn't any way to deal with these drivers, which no doubt can lead to road rage incidents that can turn violent.

A couple of entrepreneurs in New Jersey had a pet peeve about people who pull into a crowded parking lot and manage to place their cars straddling two parking spaces. They say that they've developed a product that can give frustrated drivers a confrontation-free outlet.

Jackass Parking Chalk

Jackass Parking Chalk, what the entrepreneurs call "emotional expression utensils," is touted as a product and platform for frustrated drivers to take on this all-too-common social crime.

The product is a simple box of chalk that can be kept in the glove box. When a driver encounters an inconsiderate parking job, he or she can write a message on the pavement in front of the inconsiderately parked car, telling the car's driver – and the rest of the people in the parking lot – what a poor, inconsiderate job of parking it is.

The public shaming doesn't stop there. The company has a social media platform called It is a platform for irritated parkers to upload photographs of inconsiderate parking jobs and post a rant about it if they're really ticked off.

In order to maximize awareness, the company says each photo submitted via the website is automatically hash tagged with #ChalkYou and is then shared across the Jackass Parking Chalk Social Media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

The company cautions that users of Jackass Parking Chalk should not be offensive or use chalk somewhere that it isn't allowed. It's also probably a good idea not to use it to write a rude message if the inconsiderate parker is anywhere close by.

Otherwise, it might cause a parking rage incident that could get ugly.

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