PhotoSometimes even the greenest thumbs can't keep a plant from dying. Different plants need different soil types, amounts of water, sunlight, and so on -- and if you're juggling the needs of many houseplants, it can get confusing. 

But what if your plant could actually tell you what it needs? Well be-leaf it or not, technology has come so far as to give plants a voice. That's right, we're living in a time where plants can communicate their needs to those in charge of meeting them. 

Smart gardening

Here are a few garden gadgets that can take the guesswork out of growing: 

Pet Plant by Junyi Heo. With a futuristic looking pot, Pet Plant measures soil conditions, temperature, humidity, and water and helps growers cater to the levels of those variables in each individual plant. The plant can virtually express its condition through a series of pictograms on an LCD display. It also knows if you've overwatered and will drain itself if that happens. The pot charges via USB cord. 

Smartpots. With this NASA-inspired technology, plants are given just the right amount of water, oxygen, and nutrients. Sensors and software do all the work; all you have to do is add batteries and fill the water tank once a month. 

PlantLink. This smart gardening gadget looks like a plug (without the cord). It can be "plugged in" to any plant to check its water needs. Combining water sensors with a PlantLink app, the system calibrates a plants needs using a catalog of 50,000 plants, both indoor and outdoor.

Botanicalls. What if your plant could call you on the phone? With Botanicalls, it's possible. A sensor placed in the dirt can determine when a plant gets too dry. It can then can call up its owner with the plea: "Water me, please," followed by a "Thank you" when you respond. Botanicalls seeks to change the relationship between plants and their owners by increasing garderner confidence.

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