PhotoThe right cleaning cocktail can make all the difference, but just be sure you don't drink it. For the most part it consists of water, lemon juice and a little soap and is a good alternative to harsh chemicals.

Nothing holds odors better than a microwave. It also wears spaghetti sauce well. The chemical cleaners will make it shine but imagine what they taste like when you cook them. Stay away from the harsh chemicals.

The dirt in the microwave just needs a little soap and water with an extra boost that you can get from vinegar and lemon. Get a half a cup of water and half a cup of vinegar or a lemon, cut in half and squeezed, into a microwave-safe bowl and microwave on high for 2-3 minutes, or until the microwave door starts to steam up.

Leave it to cool for a few minutes, then wipe around the insides of the microwave with a damp sponge -- any remaining food residue should come away nice and easily.

The old wooden chopping block is a great way to keep everything you ever ate all in one place. You will need the other half of that lemon we used in the microwave. Rub it over the board, then scatter some sea salt on top. Rub the salt into the board to dislodge any remaining food particles, then wash with soap and water and dry as usual.

Blenders grind everything up and go from chunky to smooth. That’s what they are known for, but one of the less talked about subjects with your blender are those little pieces of banana that get stuck on the underside of the blade or the strawberry seeds that are lodged in the crevices. It appears that your blender is clean but when you look closely you see the gunk.

Use what you have and put it to good use. Make that blender work for you. Take some dish-washing soap and squirt it in the blender, then half-fill the blender with water. Turn it on and let it run for about a minute and a half, rinse with warm water and you will see those little pieces will be gone.

Is your furniture growing its own animal? Maybe your dog or cat is shedding and leaving hair wherever it goes. It’s horrible on furniture. It probably doesn't bother you too much, but it’s when you have company that it gets embarrassing. Ditch the lint rollers with the tape on them. You will be rolling until next season. Try this method. Get a rubber glove and some water. Just use it over the area and you will see the hair come right off.

It will be amazing what the world looks like through clean windows. Try not to clean them on a sunny day though. The windows will dry quickly which will leave streaks. Your mom used to use the newspaper but, well, the newspaper went out with the cassette player. Nowadays we use something called microfiber clothes they are amazing and don’t leave streak marks. Vinegar and water make a great cleaning solution and will dry quickly.

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