The Top 30 safest places to travel in 2019

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You may need an atlas for some, but your curiosity may pay off handsomely

For travel consumers on the lookout for a safe and sound break from the hubbub, TravelPulse has just released its list of the 30 safest places to travel to in 2019.

The list is laden with places known for peacemongering, like Norway, Switzerland, and Denmark, but it’s also dotted with lesser-known destinations perfect for travelers thinking about dipping their toe in a bit of tourism curiosity.

Topping the list is Zambia. This eastern African country gets the all-clear from the U.S. State Department and offers a wonderland of things to see and do. At the top of that list would be its famed Victoria Falls that takes a 350 foot plunge into narrow Batoka Gorge.

If bullet trains and authentic sushi are on your bucket list, the list’s #2 destination -- Japan -- gets high marks. While uber cautious travelers might be concerned about political tensions with neighboring North Korea and China, Japan ranks as one of the Global Peace Index’ 10 "most peaceful" countries when it comes to societal safety and security domain.

For travelers wishing to stick closer to home, United States destinations that made the list are Scottsdale, Arizona; Portland, Maine; Boise, Idaho; and Virginia Beach, Virginia. Boise may be particularly interesting to consumers looking for a second home or investment property. Recently, the Idaho state capitol placed third in U-Haul’s Survey of American Migration Trends.

Ever been to the Indian Ocean?

One of the more intriguing places on the list is Mauritius, an island nation off the southeast coast of Africa in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The country was already a destination favorite among the French and the British -- both having territorial control at one time or another -- but word’s gotten out and Mauritius’ tourism growth has been growing at a near-5 percent clip over the last few years.

"Celebrated for its screensaver-worthy beaches, this booming East African island nation possesses one of the world's best Global Peace Index values," wrote TravelPulse’s Patrick Clarke.

"The U.K. government points out that petty crime is common but most crime is non-violent. What's more, visitors can ensure a safe and pleasant trip by practicing common sense such as avoiding accommodations that aren't registered with the Mauritius Tourism Authority. Better yet, work with a travel agent."

Here’s a complete list of the Top 30 safest places to travel:

  1. Zambia

  2. Japan

  3. Slovenia

  4. Iceland

  5. New Zealand

  6. Norway

  7. Chile

  8. Austria

  9. Costa Rica

  10. Portugal

  11. Singapore

  12. Canada

  13. Scottsdale, Arizona

  14. Portland, Maine

  15. Boise, Idaho

  16. Virginia Beach, Virginia

  17. Denmark

  18. Switzerland

  19. Finland

  20. Sweden

  21. Germany

  22. Netherlands

  23. Ireland

  24. Malta

  25. Australia

  26. Bhutan

  27. Mauritius

  28. Cayman Islands

  29. Hungary

  30. Guadalupe

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