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The house smells great and everyone is running around dropping little pieces of turkey and cookies and who knows what else to your dog. You really need to be careful with that "what else." There are some standard things that you are aware of that can poison your dog like chocolate and raisins. There are some other Thanksgiving fixings you just might not think would cause a problem for your dog.

Right off the turkey's back. Turkey skin, you may not want it because of the calories but it's not much better for your dog. The skin holds any type of butter or marinade you may have basted with and it could be pretty tough to digest. It can cause pancreatitis in your dog. They could end up vomiting, have abdominal pain and appear very lethargic.

Dem bones. Those turkey bones or ham bones for that matter are not what you want your dog chewing because they will end up choking on them. They can splinter in the digestive tract. That will be one expensive trip to the ER and it could puncture something inside, leading to unstoppable bleeding and death.

Spice it up. One of the best things about Thanksgiving is the aromas. Those aromas create memories that last a lifetime or, in the case of your dog, end a lifetime. Onions and garlic have sulfides that are toxic to dogs and can lead to anemia. Onions are worse for your dog than garlic and cooking does not reduce toxicity.

Nutmeg can make your dog nuts! It's all throughout the pumpkin pie and everything else. Nutmeg can cause seizures and, in severe cases, death. You don't have to forgo the pumpkin or sweet potatoes -- both have lots of natural vitamins for your dog -- it's the nutmeg in the pie and whatever else that can be harmful.

Sage? Turn the page. Not a good one for your dog -- it can turn their stomach inside out and make them vomit and cramp up.

No licking the bowl with your dog. Raw dough can actually rise in their stomach, causing pain and raw eggs can cause salmonella. It's not good for you or your dog.

Hop to it! Actually, don't. Skip throwing a brew back with your dog. Beer has hops which can be toxic. Skip doing shots of fireball as well. Alcohol and dogs don't mix.

The holidays can be so nutty! Sitting on the table with all those wonderful hors d'oeuvre is usually a bowl full of nuts. Watch out for walnuts and macadamia nuts -- they're toxic for dogs. Within 12 hours of ingesting them, dogs can have trouble standing, tremors, fever and elevated heart rate leading to death.

On the wild side. Wild mushrooms can cause a real problem for your dog’s internal organs, from kidneys to central nervous system. Most mushrooms from the grocery store are OK, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Wrap it up and throw it away. Aluminum foil and other things you may be wrapping your dishes with can lead to intestinal obstructions. Also watch the toothpicks and skewers.

888-426-4435 Keep this number handy all year 'round. It's the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center.

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