PhotoIn case you needed another reminder why you should always back up your files: there's a new form of ransomware called TeslaCrypt that primarily targets game files, encrypting all of your files and demanding $1,000 for the decryption key to let you access them again.

As with all ransomware hack attacks, if your device becomes infected with this malware (which is apparently spread from a compromised WordPress site), you should not pay the requested ransom. After all: even if you do, there's no guarantee the crook will keep his word – he might take your money without decrypting your files and even if he does decrypt them, that doesn't necessarily mean he's removed the malware from your device.

The ransomware, first discovered by the California-based security firm Bromium, targets multiple games and platforms including Minecraft, World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, Diablo, various EA sports games, and several more. Bromium's full list of at-risk titles and platforms is here.

Worse still: though the ransomware apparently starts by attacking game files, it doesn't stop there; it will also encrypt Word documents, Excel files, PowerPoint presentations and various image files, too.

There are free tools available to possibly decrypt some files lost to ransomware, but your best defense (after not getting infected in the first place) is to have backup copies of all of your files just in case a hacker (or a hard drive crash or some other calamity) destroys or encrypts the originals.

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